What we are doing here today, I am realizing, is resembling a workshop as much as an event. And I think that is telling us something important as we mark the beginning of our school year. The Latin roots of the word “convocation” mean “to 呼叫 us together” and so we are 呼叫ed, 在这一天,在这地方, 开始新的一年,开始新的工作, 而实际上是“重新开始”.“重新开始,因为我们将在今年剩下的时间里继续这样做, 甚至是我们的余生. 其实我们总是在重新开始, 总建筑, 总是车间, 这个项目一直在进行中, and what we have seen today has underscored those iterative qualities of artistic practice.

我一直在反思这个非凡机构的实践. 在很多方面, this year will be marked with the rhythm of all the years before it: in performance halls and practice rooms, 在舞台上和小团体中, 我们将立志以最高水准表现. 我们将利用我们的精力和纪律来磨练我们的技能.

我们都将在esball世博的历史长河中占有一席之地. Wynton Marsalis, 我们有幸让谁来领导我们的爵士项目, often speaks of our ancestors and our debt to them—our wise Provost and Dean Ara Guzelimian just shared a recent example in tribute to Aretha Franklin. 考虑我们在连续体中的位置是一种集中活动, 它将我们与前几代人联系在一起. 在这个连续体中,我们生活在一起. And as you take your places, you become shareholders in the magnificent trust that is the arts. 建立这种信任是esball世博的核心, 因为我们培养了下一代,他们将书写下一行, 为这个故事做贡献.

所以,我想知道,我惊奇,我梦想着,你们会做出怎样的贡献. 我对你们所代表的可能性感到谦卑. 你们所有人. 从最年轻的学生到最资深的教员. We have here in this building teachers who have been changing young lives for the better for over half a century. 我们有一支杰出的师资队伍, 既深又广的服务, 终身承诺,激励和共鸣跨越几十年.

历史的混合, 和连续, and the singular opportunity of any given moment— that is where we plant our flag here at Juilliard.

是什么让我们的承诺脱颖而出,超越卓越? 我相信在茱莉亚学院最重要的是我们培养的不仅仅是艺术家, 而是一个拥有各种可能性的完整的人. Each of us has the chance to seize this moment, and to create a powerful artistic voice. 并接受这种艺术的声音并分享它. 我们寻求培养一个不断壮大的这些声音的社区. 你的声音. 我们共同的声音. A community that is open, and pluralistic, and recognizes that if it isn’t, then it is lessened. 一个促进民间讨论的社区, 他知道艺术和文化是分裂的解药. 一个充满优雅、感恩、好奇和信念的社区. 这是一个总是问自己的社区, as the consummate citizen artist Yo-Yo Ma has put forth as a guiding question: “What can we do together that we can’t do alone?”

这次大会标志着一个变革的时刻, and for me it also is the opportunity to set out a course for the institution as I take office, 所以如果这看起来像是一部分毕业典礼,一部分就职典礼, know that it is to give you more time engaging in the work and less time hearing me talk about it! 在整个校园和我们的校友中, I have been listening closely over the past year and I have heard central goals: to make more opportunities for collaboration across disciplines, providing a platform for generative work as an essential part of your education, as it will be in your lives; to lead the performing arts field to be ever more inclusive and to embody that principle in all we do; and to maintain and ever-enhance Juilliard’s standards of excellence.

所以, 为此,我们将在明年制定长期计划, 有三部分框架:

首先,我们认识到,在茱莉亚学院,我们处于一个非同寻常的位置. 音乐, 舞蹈和戏剧都在这里以最高的水平共存, 这提供了独特的机会. 正如我在7月1日的校园介绍信中所说的,今天的艺术家都是企业家, 教育工作者, 领导人, 合作者和变革推动者. 艺术生涯是想象出来的, 新概念, 并以更有创意和社区建设的方式应用, 这样做的时候, 我们不断激发我们的想象力,刷新我们的艺术表现力. The director Ava DuVernay has a line I keep coming back to: “the riches are in the niches.她的意思是, 你需要积极创造自己的利基市场, 并不断创造和发明它们. 保持彼此合作, 相互借鉴, 为他们所谓的生态创造机会, 边缘效应:在生态系统之间的边缘重叠, 我们发现了最大的生物多样性, 最大数量的新生命.

所以 we will explore and expand our collaborative activities, our own overlaps across the school. 我们在Evan的All-School Jam Session中看到了这一点的开端, and an increased emphasis on programming that gives interdisciplinary opportunities to you our students. 作为这段旅程的一部分, 今年,我们欢迎新的创意伙伴, 你们今天已经见过的几个人:Lil Buck, 卡罗琳·肖, and Bill Irwin—and our collective will also include in its first year bandleader, 钢琴家, 作曲家兼校友乔恩·巴蒂斯特, 踢踏舞演员兼编舞米歇尔·多伦斯, 上周谁已经和我们一起工作了. 他们都是合作和冒险的艺术卓越的典范, 他们愿意承担创意企业的风险, 他们出色地引导着你们即将进入的DIY世界. I want to thank Jody and John Arnhold for their support for this new initiative and other creative enterprise work we will be undertaking.

And to add an additional dimension of creativity to this vibrant engine of ours, 我们还引进了一个视觉艺术项目, JuilliArt. 你们中的大多数人现在已经看到了我们大厅的初始安装, a series of Keith Haring lithographs and a wonderful sculpture lent to us for the year by Julia Gruen and the Keith Haring Foundation. Our purpose with JuilliArt is to feed your imaginations, to inspire, and to challenge. 当艺术围绕着我们时,它滋养着我们的精神. Keith Haring’s personal artistic philosophy is one that resonates with me and with our work as citizen-artists. “艺术,”他说,“属于每个人.”


For our voice to be true, we must be intentional and proactive in fostering a robust inclusivity. I am pleased to announce our early planning for a multiyear president’s initiative to advance equity, 多样性, inclusion and belonging in the arts—here at Juilliard and more broadly in the cultural sector. Juilliard is uniquely positioned to take a 领导人hip role in this critical work.

从本学年开始, 我们将开展一系列活动和伙伴关系, notably with the Sphinx 器官ization who have done such groundbreaking work nationally in fostering diverse excellence in classical music. 我们将积极倾听社区内所有人的意见, 在艺术界也是如此, so that we may design necessary and successful programs both internal and external. We will work to create pathways for all to rise and for all to excel—from young students with top-level aspirations but no access to top-level training, to teachers who need networks and resources to effectively launch their talented students. I want to thank the Ford Foundation for partnering with us and providing new funding in support of this work.

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of talking with our student orientation 领导人. 迎新领导你好!! 我向他们提出了一个集体目标:当我们的新生发短信时, 呼叫, 或者在最初的几天里给家里写封信, 让我们努力确保他们说他们在正确的地方. 这一目标是我们每天都必须在各个层面上实现的. 我敦促你们所有人都成为这种精神和实践的一部分. 它将改变你的经历,以及你所有同学的经历. Listen to each other, extend yourself to each other and you will extend your self. 意识到, 这就是我们之前提到的连续体, 难道不只是一种成就吗, 这是在比自己更大的事物上的一种团契. 我深信茱莉亚学院是一个我们每个人都“属于”的社区,没有充分的包容性,教育就不可能是最好的.


esball世博成为最好的, 我们需要确保学校的整体健康, which is an ever-present commitment we see every day in the work of our dedicated staff. 在今年开始之际,我们再次致力于机构更新, launching a strategic planning process and working to increase the ways we can support you our students, 以及我们整个学校. 我们可以推动新的项目, 新的伙伴关系和新的资源, 这将扩大我们所处的基岩. 这种复兴将是我们成长和发展的基础.

因此,让我们在新年伊始庆祝一下. 让我们努力成为我们所能成为的最宽广的艺术家和人类, 不要限制自己, 而是像诗人沃尔特·惠特曼(Walt Whitman)所写的那样,“包罗万象”. 要真正活得精彩,活得有活力. 我非常荣幸能在这里与你们在一起. 我要感谢大家在我开始我的工作时对我的热情欢迎. 我很感激你. 我很感激你r families who got you here, and to my own who got me here to be with you. 尤其要感谢我的妻子希瑟,她每天都在激励着我.

致我的前任, 约瑟夫Polisi, 我永远负债累累, 而我的建议和观点却在不断增加. 我感谢我们的董事会和主席, 布鲁斯·科夫那, 是谁以如此鼓舞人心的承诺和热情支持我们在这里所做的一切. And I am profoundly in awe of and grateful to our extraordinary faculty and dedicated staff.

和你在一起, 此时此地, 我们在哪里相聚,重新开始, 当我们满怀希望和决心展望未来时:

I see for Juilliard a future that preserves its magnificent traditions while becoming ever more diverse and ever more collaborative. I see for Juilliard a bold, creative, unstoppable, and joyful spirit, which nurtures individuality. 我在esball世博看到了无尽的美, 艺术家们把他们的声音发射到宇宙中. 我们要这样做,也只能这样做,一起做. 我们开始吧! 谢谢大家.

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